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Biden Campaign Releases Guide on How to Respond to ‘Crazy MAGA Nonsense’ During Holidays

The Biden-Harris reelection campaign recently unveiled a guide designed to assist their supporters in countering “crazy MAGA nonsense” from Trump-supporting family members during the holidays.

This guide, focusing on topics such as immigration and the economy, provides specific responses to conservative claims. For instance, it suggests countering the claim “Trump secured our border!” with “No he didn’t,” followed by criticisms of Trump’s immigration policies, including family separation and leaving a “broken immigration system for Joe Biden to clean up.” The guide further details responses to pro-Trump sentiments on subjects such as the economy, abortion and geopolitics, implicitly encouraging readers to air these apologetics at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

The guide has sparked significant backlash on social media, with critics condemning its divisive nature during a traditionally family-oriented time.

“This is why you have to have a designated Libtard Table at Thanksgiving, preferably outside in the cold,” X user Comrade Stump wrote.

“Reminder to all political persuasions: Preparing political talking points to use against family members on Thanksgiving is a form of mental illness,” author John Durant remarked. “Show some maturity, speak with the right tone, or change the subject.”

Former President Trump also contributed to the Thanksgiving political discourse, penning a lengthy screed against his enemies and lambasting his critics in several videos posted on Truth Social.